Bathroom + Design + Build

Bathroom Design + Build

Bathrooms are one of our favorite design and build spaces to tackle. Bathroom remodels are all about function first and fashion second. The size of the space is not what's important. We've designed tiny bathrooms to have a bigger feel and we’ve designed massive bathrooms to have a cozy feel. How you use the bathroom influences our decisions the most. We ask about your routine. Do you both use this space? Do you get ready at the same time? Do you use blow dryers and curling irons? We can create a special mount on the wall for those items so they are always handy. It's the little things that affect how you use this space every day. Most days start in the bathroom, and we want to make sure your day starts right.

There's Something to Fit Every Style with Today's Choice of Tile

While function comes first, fashion is not far behind. Tile is one of the most exciting elements in a bathroom remodel. The choices today are mind boggling. We have access to unique products from all over the world. You can go sleek and shiny with colorful polished glass or classic porcelain. Or go rustic and natural with a stone or modern wood-look tile. but don't worry, no matter what you choose, we'll make sure it all fits together and looks great when all is said and done.

Your Lighting Will Look Great but Work Even Harder

Lighting is of the utmost importance in a bathroom, especially if it's the bathroom where you'll be getting ready each morning. Makeup and shaving are activities you will be doing almost every single day. The right lighting is critical. but you don't want to sacrifice function for form. Lighting also sets the mood. We'll help you choose lighting that gets the ob done but looks like it's there strictly for beauty's sake. We work with over 300 lighting companies to find exactly what you need.

Your "Necessary" Room Will Feel Anything but Necessary

When we design your bathroom, we use the "Pick Two Words" method. Kelly has each homeowner pick two words to describe the bathroom. Whether you want relaxing and reviving, modern and minimalistic, or artsy and eclectic, we can create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed about. We've created a relaxing Nantucket spa bathroom with relaxing colors and multiple shower heads, a modern feng shui bathroom with pops of red for energy, and even an industrial bathroom with subway tile, lots of metal and a rustic wood floor. Our choices in cabinetry, countertops, lighting, mirrors and tile will wow and excite you.

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