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We want to provide you with more design options!

C+C & Non-Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have long since been thought of as ‘the’ countertop to have. But the great minds of Cook + Cline Design & Build Co. beg to differ. Granite can be difficult to transport, without a lot of support, it can crack. As wonderful as granite is, sometimes it just isn’t the look you’re going for. Even worse, because granite is sort of the ‘gold standard’ of countertops, you might end up with a one-size-fits-all feel if you don’t find that perfect, unique piece of granite. Luckily, Cook + Cline have their own favorite countertop materials that are a breath of fresh air!

Kelly’s Pick: Quartz

The really amazing thing about quartz is that it can be made to look however you want! Kitchen design and remodel with new quartz countertopsYou can polish it to be super shiny, treat it to get a sparkly finish, or keep it simple and chic with a flat or honed sheen. It’s the perfect choice when you have a unique vibe going on, because you can choose from hundreds of looks. Even more impressive, quartz isn’t just a pretty face - this stuff is tough!

Steve: Quartz is so strong and durable it can be extended further before extra brackets or support will be needed. You don’t have to worry about transportation damage due to breakage of materials as much as you would with many other surfaces. It’s made up of about 90% quartz and 10% polymer, meaning no natural cracks or defects, so it’s stronger that a lot of natural stone countertops.

Seriously, you can leave a hot curling iron sitting on this countertop without worrying about - so it’s a great choice for bathrooms as well as kitchens. With more than 600 colors and options, you can definitely find the countertop you’re looking for.

Steve’s Pick: Concrete

I love the natural texture concrete countertops have. You can add just about any detail you want to it - you can change the color and even stamp it. I’ve seen countertops that look like flagstone because of the treatments applied to the concrete. Concrete countertops have a reputation for being high maintenance, but as long as it’s sealed by a professional when you install it, it should be just like any other surface! Depending on the type of seal, your countertop might require a wax once or twice a year. Totally do-able.

Kelly:  If you’re scared off by the idea of maintenance, remember there are other surfaces (like quartz, just as an example,) that can mimic the look of concrete. It’s important to be realistic about the kind of effort you’ll be willing to put in to keep your house looking great, but it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look you’re going for!

One of my favorite features of a concrete countertop is the fact that you can make it as big as you want, and still keep it totally seamless (as long as we can lift the piece, or pour it in place). It’s a completely custom piece so you know it’ll fit perfectly. As you might expect, concrete is a lot less expensive than say, a large piece of granite.

Other Projects We’ve Loved:

Marble Sink installed by Cook + KlineMarble

  • Marble is a classic, who doesn’t love those signature veins?
  • It’s another option that comes in a lot of colors, so you have plenty of options for your space.
  • Also, marble is a timeless material that complements trendy surfaces, like concrete, well.


New Granite Kitchen Island blue grayLeathered, Brushed, & Honed Granite

  • Ok, so this is technically granite, but they’re very unique finishes. Other materials like soapstone & marble are too soft to use these finishes on.
  • A great way to incorporate granite and keep your individualistic vibe.
  • These finishes gives a very natural, authentic feel to a room, sort of elemental. (Check out our kitchen remodel with honed granite!)

We love to go after a one-of-a-kind feel for every project we do, and the right material for the job is so important! Steve always makes sure we consider function, while Kelly helps C+C’s clients choose the countertops, paints, and everything else that speaks to them. Working with Cook + Cline means someone is there to help you with every step; having both a designer and a construction pro on your side means you’re always working toward the bigger picture. If you’re interested in a whole room makeover, or just a few touch ups, call Cook + Cline for a consultation at (913) 608-7899.

We love to Design AND Build!

design-build-kitchen-imageWhy Choose a Design-Build Company Over a Standard Remodeler?

Remodeling your home is stressful. On top of scheduling what feels like a zillion workers and trying to tell the difference between flooring samples that look exactly the same, you’ve got to live in the mess, without whatever space it is that you’re remodeling. Some days, it’s totally overwhelming. There’s a better way to get the home of your dreams: use a design-build firm instead of your traditional remodeler. ‘Design-Build’ is a term for a company, like Cook + Cline Design & Build Co., that works with you throughout the process of your remodel and acts as your designer, builder, and project manager all rolled into one.

Still a Little Confused? We’ll Explain.

Let’s say you’re remodeling your kitchen. If you want more space, you’ve got to find a contractor to knock down the walls you want to get rid of, then find a painter to come refinish your new room. When you’re looking at a new sink, you’ve got to find and order the one you like, and then coordinate with a plumber to come take the old one out and put your new sink in. If you want more utility in your kitchen, you’ve got to find and hire an electrician to add some outlets, after you figure out where it is you want those outlets. Every detail is up to you to budget, select, and coordinate. Oh, and don’t forget you’re probably still going to work during this process, and trying to live a normal life without your kitchen. Sounds fun right? Hiring a design-build firm means you don’t have to make those scary decisions alone. You don’t have to find the ‘right’ flooring, or know the specific name of that style of sink you found on Pinterest or how much it costs. We’re like a friend helping you through the process, instead of salesperson following a script.

Design-Build Firms Make Design a Little Less Scary

Steve and I can’t speak for every firm, but at Cook + Cline, we want to take the fear out of remodeling. We start by figuring out what you want out of the space, then we talk about the best way to get it. Because Steve and I are always elbow deep in paint chips and new trends, we can work outside the confines of a catalog. You need to know what you want - not where to find it, or how it’s installed. That’s why it works to have a designer and a builder (hence the name, Design & Build) working together - I get the vision, the ‘what’ and the ‘why,’ while Steve knows the ‘how.’ Just like with anything else, having a clear plan means lower costs for you. We want to help you determine how to spend your money in the best way possible to maximize your budget. We know where you can get away with spending less without endangering your home or ending up with a cheap-looking end product, and we know where to find the good stuff at the best prices. There are a million little reasons a design-build firm is the right choice for a remodel, but it all comes down to one main question: “How can I make this easier and still get what I want?” At Cook + Cline, we’re in the business of making remodeling as painless as possible. You’ve got a vision. Cook + Cline has everything else to make it happen. Give us a call at (913) 608-7899 or contact us to set up a consultation.