Kitchen + Design + Build

Kitchen Design + Build

The kitchen is the soul of the home. It is inevitably where friends and family gather to share stories, food, and life experiences. Some of the best memories are created in the kitchen. You want your kitchen to be uniquely you. A room that inspires your inner chef, embraces your midnight raids, and beckons guests to join in the lively conversation. A room that makes you feel as good as brewing coffee and sizzling bacon smells.

We'll Bring your Vision to Life

We can do that. At Cook + Cline, we listen to you. No two kitchen remodels are the same because no two people are the same. Our goal is not to build a kitchen. Our goal is to build your kitchen. Give us your vision, and we’ll make it happen. We understand specialty design and build projects. We get that hired us to create your dream kitchen. That's why we get into such detail before the project begins. We bring ideas to make your kitchen more beautiful and more functional. For instance, we know cabinetry. Boy,, do we know cabinetry. Besides having access to cabinetry across the country, we actually have our own cabinet line that's built here, locally. We can add all of the amazing features you didn't know you couldn't live without like under cabinet lighting, roll-out cabinets, built-in space racks, and even what we call the "Ninja" cabinet - a built-in cutting board with knives, utensils and more right at your fingertips! From cabinets to tile to countertops, your options are endless and we'll help you find the ones that are perfect for your kitchen remodel.

We Balance Your Budget Beautifully

We define your design scope completely so you know what we will be doing and you can have confidence that it will stay within your budget. Kitchen remodels are our specialty. There are so many aspects to consider when creating the perfect kitchen - from traffic patterns, to light, to counter space, to workflow. The kitchen is the most demanding space when it comes to design, that's why we take such painstaking measures in the beginning. We have access to unique, high-quality products that really add the designer touch. But at the same time, we may be able to use a less expensive product somewhere else to keep you within budget. Say your marble countertop is going to put you over budget, we keep it and find a vintage table that saves you money. It all works out with a little creative thinking. We will maximize your space and give you a better performing kitchen, too.

We Make Your Project Painless

With our connections, design savvy, and eye for detail, we get every detail ironed out so when we hit the go button, we go fast. With our design and build process, everything is integrated from the beginning. Your project is like a well-directed symphony unlike typical remodels that drag on and require you to coordinate multiple parties who don't necessarily communicate well with each other.

If you're a KITCHEN CRASHER, give us a call for a free consultation and let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Call us at (913) 608-7899.