Family Retreat in Prairie Village, KS

Family Retreat in Prairie Village, KS

The Challenge: This Prairie Village family recently expanded their kitchen. Cook + Cline Design & Build Co. saved the day by working with their existing fixtures and a few new, key elements to create an updated space for the family to enjoy.

After an add on and kitchen expansion, Cook + Cline was challenged to seemlessly duplicate the original cabinetry with an updated stain within the expanded area.

The Details: Cook + Cline incorporated a large island in which the Negresco honed granite countertop is the superstar in this kitchen - combining the natural, textural feel of the room with durability. The stonework's natural look adds to the cozy feel of the room, while still offering a durable work surface. The island separates the kitchen from the new addition space and is perfect as a gathering spot, as well as a focal point.

The updated backsplash with white subway tiles contrasts nicely with the darker elements in the room.

The brand new island, updated backsplash, and restored cabinets work together to create a warm space for this family to enjoy.

Photos Courtesy of Rebecca Sharp, Sharp Images

Photo Staging by Helen Bartlett, Refined Interior Solutions

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